South AfricaCompany Report – Local Credit Data

The South AfricaCompany Report provides all essential details about a company in South Africa (credit rating, finance and environment). Export trade is an important factor in the potential growth of your business. However, the risk of doing international business can be very high. The research is currently carried out by a local agent on site.

The South Africa Company Report provides you with comprehensive information about the company, its financial situation, balance sheet data, credit limit and details about the management and shareholders. In summary, the company is evaluated via a rating index.

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  • Local Country Research by local agents
  • Report in English language
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  • No membership necessary
  • Information & result data by e-mail

Local Company Data

Company Reports by our agents are containing this part of information

  • Company address
  • Foundation date
  • Company registration number and registration office data
  • Rating and credit scoring
  • Ownership names
  • Short business description
  • Name of banks*
  • Number of employees*
  • Sales data*
  • Financial Statement and balance data*

*if available and filed

Use this service

  •     to get details about a company
  •     to get management names for further contacts
  •     to know more about a competitor
  •     to get ownership information details of a germany compan
  •     to get credit and scoring information about a company

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

In principle we are trying to transmit the company information as soon as possible.

Using the online form we offer different delivery times for numerous countries. Depending on the selection, the price of the credit report will be adjusted.

Please note the public holidays in the respective countries, which have an effect on the delivery times.

The company information is researched and compiled by our partners in the corresponding countries and regions.

Local registers (commercial registers) are queried and further sources in the countries are researched.

The depth of information of the company reports depends on various criteria. Regulations in the respective country Company form of the company Age of the company Our local partners do their best to obtain the following information.

  • Name of the company
  • Current address
  • Creditworthiness (rating)
  • Data from the registers (foundation dates, register no.)
  • Management / Management data
  • Ownership / Shareholder
  • Financial data (balance sheets, annual accounts)
  • Sales data
  • Property details (ownership, ownership)
  • Company history
  • Export connections (suppliers, customers, export shares)

A guarantee for the procurement of certain information cannot be given. These depend on the factors mentioned above.

All information is provided without naming the client. Please let us know if the comapany should not be interviewed by one of our partners on site.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer by pre invoice
  • Credit Card (American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA)
  • PayPal

Payment is very easy and will be done by SSL Transfer.

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