The amount of planned videos and the project is impressive. Every day a video in the Vlog, until 31.12.2017. This was the intention that we have been implementing since 26 August. In the meantime, 23 videos have been published on the YouTube channel “infobrokertv”.

Why do we go into the video theme with such a strong engagement?

Video and YouTube is not new territory for us. Since 2008 we have been represented on YouTube with one channel and have produced more than 400 video clips in the last 10 years. Among the videos are various contributions which have achieved quite high retrieval rates. For example, the explanation formats for specialized databases and individual trailers on various topics.

Continuity as a success factor

The successful YouTube channels and YouTuber have the same success concept in the beginning. This is continuity. This same continuous filling of the YouTube channel has been missing in recent years. Video contributions were uploaded again and again. However, this is done without a concrete drafting plan and a targeted thematic focus.

With the daily Vlog we pursue many ideas and targets. Over a fixed period of time, for example, we want to use a continuous upload to investigate whether this approach is a success factor on YouTube.

Vlog with insights and added value

In addition to a continuous supply of content, there is also a lot of strategy behind this project. The following main topics are planned with the Vlog editorially

  • Working as an Information Professionals
  • Advantages of specialized information from specialized data sources
  • Explanations on specialist topics (example: trademark law / trademarks)
  • Insights into the work at infobroker. de
  • Working and living space Allgäu in the digital age
  • Experience with digital and online services for businesses
  • Experiences, opinions and statements as a self-employed person
  • Making Of, video technology of the infobrokertv channel
  • Experience and success concepts for video and YouTube engagement


The Vlog can be accessed via the infobrokertv channel on YouTube and is embedded in a fixed playlist.

The Vlog is currently published in German. We are currently working on a Publication of the episodes with English subtitles on our international channel “infobrokerworld”.

Contributions are recorded daily on YouTube. The new postings are online between 17.30 and 19.30 pm. By subscribing to the YouTube channel, you will automatically receive a message as soon as new articles appear on YouTube.

infobroker Vlog – the project in concrete terms

Until 31.12.2017 we want to play a video clip on YouTube every day. This is a vlog (similar to a blog) which is supposed to bring our work, technical information and the working and living space of the southern Oberallgäu closer by means of various contributions. Join us through the world of databases, research and the everyday work of an information professional in Germany’s southernmost city.

Your feedback is needed

The content of the Vlog is based on the questions and topics asked from the point of view of the interested parties. We would be happy to discuss topics in a substantive discussion. We are therefore looking forward to receiving feedback from you.