Welcome to a new year. In a digital age we can hardly predict the exact course of 2019. The signs are pointing to a storm, so they say, if you want to trust the financial news. The upswing will also cool down. On the other hand, Australia has been experiencing positive growth for 27 years, writes the FAZ. So what is going to get out of hand? The coming months will show where the journey is heading.

As an information professional, I am just as affected by global economic developments as creative agencies, management consultants or other service industries. One should not forget and underestimate the upheavals caused by digitalization. Here, however, I take the view that the exploitation of opportunities is far greater than the loss of business. But more about this later.

2018 the year of foundations for the coming years

I see the year 2018 for me and infobroker.de as a year of laying foundations. With the conversion of the layout and the content structure of the website for the coming years, an important basis was created for the coming years. Content and services can be more professionally established and presented to the outside world. The speed and usability of the website have improved enormously. The foundation for many new products and above all a lot of content has been laid.

In the last 12 months many experience values were collected in the video production before and behind the camera. The learning of editing and the conception of a video project requires practice, practice and again practice. I did this drill with over 180 Vlog episodes and over 100 videos in 2018 for the YouTube channel.

Every day a video – Casey Neistat brings this into the thesis “Just keep Uploading”. (Playlist of my Vlog – German Version)

This enormous production run was very important for me to be able to use video strongly for the future. The format Klems & Kollege shows that the fun of this project should not be neglected.

For Open Password I have regularly published articles. A total of 34 very content-rich articles were created, which were given a professional polish by Willi Bredemeier. For me personally, this writing achievement was a text boot camp. It was exhausting and time-consuming. But also here I could develop routines, as it was the case in the video production. I am trained for writing, have desire on it and condition. So it can start again on my own behalf.

The digitalization also affects me as an independent information professional and in the background numerous work methods and workflows have been optimized and converted. Especially in accounting and also in customer dialogue (we use Salesforce), very large changes had to be made in IT.

To complete it in one sentence: A lot of energy and time went into these steps. But now we can start 2019 with these foundations.

More research products in 2019

Due to the changes of the web presence in summer 2018 we had to do a lot with the adaptation of the existing research products. New products were lying in the drawer but could not be set up. There will be many new research services at a fixed price.

More content in 2019

Pictures, podcast, texts and video. Meanwhile I have mastered these elements very efficiently. So the content circle is closed. Now it goes to the production and the publications of technical contributions approximately around our research services. There will be a lot of contributions on the numerous platforms that I did not serve with enough content in 2018.

More International in 2019

A good 20 years ago we were once very international with infobroker.de. Due to the enormous demand in the German market, the international sector has fallen behind. With the help of the new website structure I can change this. The attention of an international audience should succeed via YouTube and videos.

Lots of video in 2019

With numerous video productions in the coming months I will bring them even more intensively into my professional everyday life. But that’s not all. There are many insights into databases and online research. A lot of QuickTips and Tutorials will create added value.

These are exciting prospects, aren’t they? One thing is for sure. You as visitor, prospective customer and customer stand thereby in the foreground. I attach great importance to applicability and practice. You have suggestions and ideas? Then I am looking forward to your feedback. You can place this on YouTube or the social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing).

How do you start the New Year?

Best regards
Michael Klems