Free Listings of European Trademark Applications

It sounds very interesting to know which trademarks applicated by Amazon or Google are going to start in Europe or Germany?

Using our new information service “New Trademark Applications” gives an easy and fast answer to this questions.

Table Overview – Trademark Applications

The new service offers trademark information in a comprehensive table format. Use different lists to take a view at new name or trademark ideas. We offer the tables by letter of the trademark name and company name.

In the next days we will complete our service with a selection of products and services using the international classes (1-45).


Powerfull Tool – Trademark Applications Table Data


Each table can be sorted or filtered by keywords. Using the filter tool makes it easy to select all “Google Trademark Applications” in 2 steps.

1. Choose “G” – Selection Trademark by company name
2. Type “goog” in the search field of the table

The system will start filtering by typing the letters into the search field. Try it. Here´s the link to Companies Trademarks (G).

We will expand the service in the next days and publishing more helpfull information in the usage of the tables.

We need your feedback

What do you think about our new service? Is the listing of trademark applications helpfull?


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